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작성일 : 14-08-14 14:32
[USB2.0보드] MV-CS27U ( 1.4M, 15 fps, 4.65um x 4.65um, USB 2.O Board, C...
글쓴이 : 최고관리자
조회 : 4,356  
MV-CS27U ( 1.4M, 15 fps, 4.65um x 4.65um, USB 2.O Board, Color )



Sensor Size

1/2 inch
Sensor Type CCD, Sony ICX267AK
Resolution 1280(H) x 1024(V)
Pixel Size 4.65㎛ x 4.65㎛
Max. Frame Rate 15 fps
AOI Modes Vertical, Horizontal
Binning Modes Mono(Vertical, Horizontal)
Sychronization Free-run
Software Trigger
External Trigger
Trigger Modes Edge preset mode (fixed shutter)
Pulse width
GPIO Input or output for TTL Level (5V)
Shutter Global
Shutter Speed 10μs ~ 1/Acquisition Frame Rate
Data Formats Color (Mono8, Bayer8, RGB8)
Gain 0~26dB
Gamma 1, 0.45, 0.7, Table(Adjustable)
Exposure Control Programmble via the camera API
External trigger signal
Interface USB 2.0
Lens Mount CS Mount(Option : C Mount)
Power Requirements. +5V Via Mini B type USB Cable
Weight Approx. 38g
Dimensions 40mm x 40mm x 10mm
Temperature -5℃ to 45℃ (Operating)
-20℃ to 60℃ (Storage)
Power Consumption 1.9W
Comformity CE (EN61326-1;2006;Class A), RoHS
Warranty 3 years
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